Setting up Wave in a Box

2.4.2014 Rezman Mirsom
Wave in a Box is a open source based execution reference for a variety of technologies referred to as Wave Protocols. As an incubator project, in the development process of transition, it has moved to Apace Software Foundation as an incubator venture, prompting them to maintain two separate roadmaps, i.e. Apache Incubator and Wave in a Box Functionality roadmaps.

Before beginning to use this software, one has to setup the environment for development of the software. The required environment includes the JAVA computing language, which is compatible to work for the software, Build tools, a Targeted IDE for development, source for Wave in a box, and optionally MongoDB.

You can set up Wave in a Box on Windows, Linux or MacOSX. Though the software origins were on Linux systems, you can run the server on Windows. Before addressing this task, it is important to take a look at the build environment.

First of all a wave-devel directory should be created, along with a dependencies directory, which enable you to download the environment and tools for developing software. Unless you have the latest Java JDX, you cannot proceed with the setting up, and hence have to search for the latest versions and install. Next comes the ANT Build Tool, and if you are going to use Windows to develop Wave Box it is suggested that TortoiseHG is used with its ability to integrate with Internet Explorer.

Eclipse IDE is another readily downloadable and free option for developmental use.

While the above set up protocol can be downloaded from various sites, the source of Wave in a Box is an important and final factor in setting up the system. To receive this source, start with Wave-devel director creation and proceed with instructions for setting up. Linux offers a simpler procedure that Windows in setting up Wave in a Box.

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