Sharing with Dropbox

25.11.2013 Magdalena Gauci

Dropbox is a service which offers new and easy method to share your files, folders and data anywhere and at anytime. It provides the facility of sharing anything and everything with your friends or group of friends. It also allows people to share through social networks even if they don’t have Dropbox account just by sharing of links. Sharing through Dropbox ensures that one shares only one’s material if one goes against this policy Dropbox has the ability to close down the account of that person. So while using the Dropbox application for sharing purposes you must be careful and try to share your own material.

Fast sharing:

With the help of Dropbox we can share fast and urgently when required. Thus it is known for being the fastest means of sharing. One can send large files containing a large amount of data through it very easily. Similarly, folders which contain various contents covering a large space can be share at once within a short period of time to your friends or colleagues. Once you start using it you will prefer it and never try any other way to share your files and data with your friends, etc.

Dropbox's features:

There are some special and unique features of Dropbox which makes it stand out from other kinds of sharing applications. Operating systems such as Blackberry, Android, etc. keeps your Dropbox sharing features available all the time even if you are away. Thus you can share your files and data through your mobile also. Furthermore, Dropbox keeps a history of your work. Sharing through Dropbox allows different people in different places to work together on the same projects and same documents. Through sharing pictures and images with friends and family members you can create your own image or photo gallery. Through its privacy policy way you can keep your pictures safe for a long time and also you can show the collection to others as well whom you want. Another most important characteristic is that it works even when you are offline. It is because of this software that we can get access to our data and files from anywhere across the world.

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