Social interaction in MMORPGs

7.2.2014 Julian Blazek
Many Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, MMORPGs, have built into their architecture important modes to communicate between players. There are also guild building and clan building functionalities in these games, in spite of the fact that even with the absence of such features the multiplayer community will in any case interact. Moreover many of these games demand teamwork, which help the players to form groups or guilds, like saving the other group of players, etc. from damages known in gaming circles as tanking. There are instances in some games where healing is offered to tanked players, by other players or preventing the enemies from outplaying the guild members.

MMORPGS, are supported by GM (or Game Masters) who are employed by the publisher of the game, or volunteers in the multiplayer community, whose job is to ensure that everything is running well and to supervise the virtual world created by the game. These GMs may have access to details of the game architecture which others may not know of.

It will not be hyperbole if we mention that these social relations created on the web through these games is in any manner not different from the roles that we profess in our real world lives. This means that there is an amount of intimacy that develops between the players in their groups, and also caring for each other evolves as the games progress. This can be named as an important contribution to social interaction by these types of games.

Most MMORPGs offer various classes of people which players can choose to be. Between these classes there are some players who may choose to roleplay the characters they had donned, supported by rules which offer content to achieve this. These games also offers forums and community resources for the members to use. Thus in these online games there is a world to live, enjoy and even earn!

There have been long winding debates in our TV channels and other forums that how such games have helped players to deviate from the real world situation, and have ignored the responsibility in their work places or homes. Thus, it is with an amount of caution that you have to indulge in these games, as overuse can be detrimental.

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