Some early news on what Android L will have in store for Samsung’s Galaxy S5

6.11.2014 Simon Bradley

The next Nexus phone will definitely have Google’s Android L software pre-installed and other phones that have come out recently will get the software too eventually. The companies that manufacture the phones are already customizing their software with their own apps an UI.

One of those companies is Samsung and Samsung Mobile’s Galaxy S5 will be an early host for Android L as Samsung got an early build of the company’s Android L software for the Galaxy S5. There are already photos and videos which showcase Samsung’s new TouchWiz interface that are overlayed on the Android L software.

TouchWiz and Samsung’s own Android apps both look to be redesigned with the new Material Design rules and guidelines that Google rolled out for Android at its I/O developer event recently. Developers are now allowed to create software that have 3 unique axis points, making 3D-like depth to length and width possible within apps. One look at the task manager gives you a clear idea as to what this is, the task manager shows apps that are open and websites look like a FlipBoard style stack of sheets.

Most probably this is still a build in beta but you can make a good assumption of what the Galaxy S5 will look like once Samsung rolls the Android L update for the Galaxy S5. This won’t happen until the Android L software is released by Google of course; but that is something that could very well happen this month to coincide with the Nexus – which I’m betting will be a perfect display model for the Android L update.

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