Supporting mobile application development for organizational purposes

10.2.2014 Rezman Mirsom

Even as many techies are now opting for mobile instruments, deserting desktops and laptops, many organizations are considering software mobile application development. Whether the organization has been recently established, or are of a long standing nature, the shift from traditional desktop applications to mobile is something that has affected many work sectors. Statistics show that mobile companies have been witnessing growth and the demand and production of traditional laptops and desktops are on the wane.

It is only natural for mobile app developers to gear up to meet the needs of this surge and satisfy the customers. There has been debate over the problems that the development of apps pose to the developers, primarily the setbacks while developing the software. In order to circumvent such difficulties in developing apps, specialized groups called as oversight groups, have been envisaged by many organizations, so that they take over the function of a central supervising branch to oversee every aspect of development.

These groups can determine exacting standards for the processes and technologies in developing apps. Content-specific practices could be identified at the primary stage of software mobile application development and followed up by ensuring their implementation. Similarly, consideration of best security aspects while developing and helping with support for project governance and oversight.

As centres for application development emerge, methodologies also evolve out of the efforts of many individuals who spend considerable time and effort in the field. Some of the better known options are DevOps and the Agile Method. To ensure that these mobile applications do not fail during or after development stages, there is need to practice regular integration of the apps with the platforms, and incessant development/DevOps which can bring down time devoted for marketing and provide for frequent customer feedback to flow in.

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