Technology zones in Kenya

2.7.2014 Julian Blazek

Kenya is defined as the East African IT hub. When the country launched the blueprint that would provide the guideline for the next few years, the ICT sector was identified as a potentially great growth component as extensively discussed in the vision 2030. The vision 2030 was biased towards creating a future for the country that is well informed and heavily dependent on the uses of technology to advance in economic growth.

One of the ambitious projects that the blueprint focused on was creating futuristic smart cities that would make Kenya an international ICT hub. The proponent of the project designated a large area in the country's eastern region that is partly semi arid. The region was earmarked as one that would be used to create cities from scratch.

The city would be called Konza city and it would be built in different phases, but is expected to be finished in the year 2030 and thus the naming of the whole project as vision 2030. The proposed Konza city is being dubbed as the African Silicon Valley or the Silicon Savanna because the intended purpose is to create a smart city that is overly centered on creating ICT solutions. The region is in a grassland savanna and is suppose to be a hub for young minds who wish to start ICT businesses.

Over the years Kenya has seen a growth in the ICT market especially when the market was liberated. Some great innovation has been made in the last decade and various companies are setting up themselves to provide more creative minds an opportunity to grow in the ICT sector.

One of the notable innovations is the ability to use the Internet through social media to communicate a particular message. There are so many Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook who would love the opportunity to socialize, vent their anger, create and innovate, market products and services.

It is through the Internet that young people participate in debates through sharing information on their social media accounts. There are other platforms through seminars and science fairs organized by institutions of higher learning, corporate or individuals that offer great opportunity for discussing the relevant technology related issues while searching for viable technological solutions.

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