Technology zones in Uganda

4.7.2014 Julian Blazek

The Ugandan ICT sector has seen double digit growth over the past few years and there has been so much promise with the kind of innovation that they are experiencing. The ICT sector in Uganda can be termed as second to the ICT sector in Kenya.

The sector has been faced with a few challenges but that has not dampened the spirits of the young minds in the country. There has been developments in the country that can only be thought of as vibrant. There has been creation of innovation hubs such as the Appfrica hub and the Hivecolab that have been instrumental in the exponential growth being experienced in the IT sector.

The corporate world has also played a big role in the sector by sponsoring training sessions and startups. Technically, most ICT driven sectors of the world have been sustained by startups and as such the concepts should be molded to help in the Ugandan economic and IT sector growth. The country has seen bold developments in terms of app development, examples of which include Matatu and Mafutago. The latter actually earned the third place in competition at an IT convention in Barcelona.

Although most of the IT sector in Uganda is still in the infancy stage, the results so far are quite inspiring. The government is also involved with the sector and is playing its part by investing in policies and incentives to motivate young entrepreneurs.

There has also been involvement by multi nationals and various organizations to help boost the sector and make it an IT hub in East Africa. The sector especially from the web based aspect is faced with a low investor output since much of the country Internet advertising revenues are still low. However, as in many parts of Africa, young Ugandans have taken to the Internet and social media, albeit slowly.

In a nut shell the country ICT sector can only be defined as promising if the current growth is maintained. The innovators and experts are optimistic that the training sessions and innovation conventions are bearing fruit and will continue to do so in the future.

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