The 6 Biggest Reasons for Failure In the Affiliate Marketing System

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler

Using the Affiliate Marketing Strategy effectively will have you earning satisfactory amounts of money. But unfortunately, in Turkey, people make mistakes when applying this strategy to their businesses which amount to failures. The main cause of this is that these people don’t know the difference between making the sale and marketing the product.

The initial sale and earning of money is very easy, though maintaining this success can be found to be quite hard and without marketing the product there are no guarantees. But the marketing concept is in correlation with making the sale, so what we call the synthesis of the two is pre-sale developments. So once we have grasped the difference between marketing and making the sale, we would like to point out the reasons why many home and Affiliate Marketing businesses fail.

1) Not Paying Attention to the Pre-Sale Application:

Unfortunately most people newly starting out in this business think that they can go from buying the product to selling it immediately. This is wrong but I fully understand why they think that way as most product sellers sell their wares to these potential marketers without warning them that it’s impossible to start selling immediately. So the person who wants to gain e-money becomes a member of the Affiliate site and gets right in to the money making part of the work. This is a misconception as the only way to gain trust and support of our customers is to provide them with true and trustworthy information on the product. Most Affiliate Marketers realize this months into their marketing endeavors. So doing pre-sale research and writing descriptive articles on the product is very important. So if there is any information regarding the product already on the web you should steer clear of this and provide your own knowledge and experiences with the product.

If you don’t provide them with enough information, visitors to your site are likely to leave without even seeing the ‘Buy’ page.  And also this will be a disadvantage for you as people who see such an ill-prepared site will see you as a ‘freshman’ to the business and will avoid your site, seeking more professional sites. 

2) Focusing on Only “Home Based Business” Product:

This misconception has 90% of Affiliate Marketers not being able to make the sales they desire.  The reason for this is that the ‘Home Based Business’ niche is a highly competitive one and if we assume that these people are freshman’s to the trade, then it makes everything that much harder. Even though there are a lot of learning kits out there that partly teach the do’s and don’ts of the trade, most people make the mistake of acquiring a product and immediately trying to sell them (this was a mistake even I have made) which always amount to an unsuccessful endeavor.  Yes it’s true that with the ‘Affiliate marketing’ system you can work online as if you were an employee there but this would be a huge mistake. So let’s assume that you got yourself an e-book teaching you how to make money, use the information in the book and apply all the do’s and don’ts in there to the marketing strategy of  a product that you are interested in and is something that you would like to sell. The yield from this would be much higher in comparison.

3) Not Writing Enough Articles on the Product You Are an Affiliate Of:

As well know by now, writing articles on a product are vital for it to be at the head of web site lists and for it to maintain its position there. You can find people who would be willing to do this for you at a low cost over the Internet. If you don’t trust your writing skills then I’d advise that you give it a go, of course only if it’s from someone who’s experienced on the subject.

4) Sending Spam to your Visitors Emails:

You might be thinking hasn’t this person heard of this strategy before? But I want to give you an example: Let’s just say that some Affiliate site has about 12.000 sellers and most of these people use this strategy. So how annoying would it be if thousands of the same email was to be sent to you over and over again? Most of the time, even if I’m interested in the subject matter of the email I just delete them right away. You have to understand that sending emails is to find potential customers and not to keep going back to the customers that have already bought your product, if these customers have any queries or comments on the product, that is when it is advisable to get into contact with them. If you become a professional at this career, that is when you can share your knowledge on that level, when people will trust you and that will then lay the foundation for you, so you can start your own business. By doing this in a stable manner, as if you were an online employee, you could succeed in executing these prerequisites.

5) Not Having Self-Confidence:

This can actually be applied to all aspects of our lives, that if we believe that we can succeed we will and that if there was a lack of that belief, well then we wouldn’t. Our aim is to be a successful Affiliate and to be one, first of all we have to have confidence. But of course confidence alone is not enough; we need to do more to ensure success. If you’re a freshman to the system first you need to fully grasp the ‘Affiliate Marketing’ system. And if you work on this with confidence you can be sure that you’ll succeed.

6) Wasting Time By Being an Affiliate of the Wrong Product:

Before we become an affiliate of a product, we all naturally want to know how many Affiliates there and the selling price of said product. We all act on this without knowing whether or not we have sufficient knowledge of the product or the field that it’s in. To be an affiliate of a product you have to have an interest in the product, knowledge of it and have curiosity on the whole subject.  If you were to sell a product that you don’t have a clue about, this would surely be miraculous. Aim o sell products that are in demand but is in low supply, you can find these out using the Google ‘keyword’ tool.

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