The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Network Topology

25.12.2013 Benjamin Gubler
Mesh network topologies were used before switches were invented. At the time, it was a widely used topology and organizations preferred setting up mesh networks for communication between computers. At present some people still use a mesh topology for creating a small home network. With a mesh topology, every computer is connected in a point-to-point link with other computers. Each dedicated link carries traffic between the connected computers. Before setting up a big network one must measure how much equipment is required for making a mesh topology network. There is a particular formula for measuring the amount of equipment needed for a mesh topology.

The formula is given below:

The number of connecting devices is represented by “n” in the formula. The formula is n(n-1)/2 is for the number of links between computers, n-1 is used for finding the ports of the computers. Let us take an example for measuring the I/O ports and links between computers. For example, if you have five computers and want to create a mesh topology then this formula can be used to find out the number of ports and links required for creating the network.


No. of links = 5(5-1)/2 = 10
No. of I/O Ports = 5-1 = 4

Advantages of Mesh topology

1. Due to dedicated links to each computer there is an assurance that the load of data being transferred will be carried between the amount of computers and eliminates a traffic problem if data is shared.
2. Mesh topology is very strong and robust. If a link in the network gets down, the other connections and nodes don't get affected.
3. There is a high level of security and privacy due to the dedicated links
4. Mesh topology carries point-to-point links, by which it becomes easy to find faults.

Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

1. The amount of the cabling increases because each computer need more cable connections for creating a network.
2. There are a number of devices required to create a mesh topology network, which is very costly.
3. A computer on a mesh topology network cannot simultaneously share data with multiple computers.

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