The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

19.12.2013 Nicky Herak

There are many advantages of Internet. Prior to the Internet it wasn't easy to get the information on any subject or topic. There main way to get information was in libraries. That is very time consuming because you need to look through books on the topic to get the wanted information. With the Internet it became very easy to take out the information regarding any subject or topic.

In the early years of the Internet, there were a limited number of websites. After it had become commonplace, people became aware about the benefits of the Internet and started creating their own websites regarding different subjects. Over just a few years, the Internet became a global village.

The advantages of the Internet are that you can earn money by working on different websites. Many companies solely depend on the Internet because they earn using different websites. The e-commerce business model was developed on the Internet and has proven to be profitable. In  e-commerce, people are able to purchase different things from the Internet. Nowadays you do not need to go to a market to buy goods, just select them on websites and place the order.

The Internet has brought people from across the world together. They can talk anytime during the day thanks to Internet services. Big social media networks have developed by which people are promoting their businesses. There are many technologies that have been developed exclusively for the Internet.

However, there are also disadvantages of the Internet. There are many adult websites that are creating vulgarity in society and around the world. Teenage and children can be negatively impacted by visiting those websites. Parents of the children should take care and teach them to use the Internet only for the right purposes.

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