The advantages of introducing computers early in child development

2.1.2014 Benjamin Gubler

Computers today are common household items just like TVs and fridges. This is something that you will not be able to keep your child from using because it is a common tool in most of the things we do today. Technology is influencing the way we live and our children are not left behind. In school, computer studies are usually a compulsory subject and we find computers being used everywhere we go like in the banks, supermarkets, etc.

Technology is here to stay and therefore there is a need to introduce computers early to children so that they can expand their knowledge of the technology as they grow. Some of the advantages of early introduction of computers in child development include:

Children grow up being computer literate. This will help them to be at a better position in this technology driven economy where everything is done using computers and also computer literacy is a job qualification in many institutions.

Children are able to take online classes; this is particularly good because if your child fails to attend school for any reason they will be able to catch up with the rest because online lessons are always available .

Due to the engaging nature of computer usage children are able to learn faster and understand even some of the lesson that are traditionally perceived to be difficult like mathematics and science subjects.

Computers help children to appreciate technology; this stimulates their creative minds to creativity at a very young stage of development.

When they realize that they can make thing happen when using computers their self-confidence is raised and they are able to do even other things more confidently.

Computer enhances competition among children; when used in a class set up, a healthy competition will be created among children. This can be useful in learning when they are playing educational games together.

Computers can be used to boost the self-esteem of children with special needs, through using assistive technology these children can interact with computers and do things they could not have done normally.

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