The advantages of selling and buying online

8.1.2014 Rezman Mirsom
Many businesses have an online presence where they sell their goods, products and services. Sales made on the Internet accounts for a very big percent of sales made by many companies. The number of people retailing online only has increased significantly. Many people buy and sell goods and services on a daily basis online.

What has brought this sudden growth of an online market?

Wide selection

People like to have a wide choice. The Internet gives them an advantage because they can choose from retailers worldwide without having to incur transport cost of physically going to a shop. Through the search engines you are able to find items for sale from companies you could not have considered or known about.

Comparison becomes easy

Through the Internet it is possible to have the picture and the description of two products in one screen. This makes comparison easy unlike in normal shopping where you will have to remember the features of one product while shopping for another in a different shop. While shopping online you are able to see feedback from people who have already used the product you want to buy.

Prices are low

Due to the low cost of doing business online, sellers are able to offer their goods for low prices. This is because the seller does not incur many operation costs such as paying licenses and paying rent for retail stores. Goods are moved from the store and shipped directly to clients who ordered through the Internet.

Selling worldwide

The Internet has no boundaries so when you are operating on the Internet you have a worldwide client base. This is a big advantage to small businesses because they are able to do business worldwide without having to incur huge operation cost which they could not have afforded if they operated offline.

Tax advantages

Goods bought online attract small or no tax at all. In some countries there are no laws that govern tax on online businesses. This makes the goods even cheaper than good bought offline n the shops where value added tax is imposed.

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