The best paid apps for your iPhone

16.12.2013 Benjamin Gubler

Today isn’t the best time to be a paid app. A recently published report confirmed an unprecedented surge in free applications on the Apple Store, with their paid alternatives now comprising less than 10% of the choices, their lowest market share in history. This, of course, is partially because people just don’t like giving their money away when they can get a similar product for free. But the responsibility must also at least partly lie on the paid apps themselves, having drastically declined in quality over the years. All of this begs the question whether there are really any apps left worth the couple of dollars the developers are asking for, not lacking in quality, but indeed lacking a viable free or freemium alternative.

Here are those apps you might still want to consider slimming your wallet for:

There is no shortage of threats and dangers on the Internet. One thing we should all do to thwart hack attempts is come up with wildly creative, 15-syllable passwords, different for each of a dozen websites we are using every day (you guys all use a dozen websites a day too, right?). But come on, who can remember all of them? Well, 1Password ($7.99) can. Login with the craziest passwords you can think of, and store them all in this nifty, secure app. Just be sure to remember the password for the app itself: it’s the only one you’ll ever need again.

If you hate having to type all the information in the calendar when making an entry, you’ll love Fantastical ($3.99). It lets you write up about a meeting in your ordinary language (e.g. meet with Susan next Monday at 2pm), and the app automatically fills all the necessary fields itself, using that sentence. If you use your calendar a lot, this is a lifesaver.

Instapaper ($3.99) is irreplaceable for those that don’t have the time to read something on the Web right away. It not only saves a page so you can read it offline, it also optimizes the reader’s environment for a fully engaged, distraction free reading, with the possibility of changing fonts, margins, spacing of the lines and more.

Finally, before you judge iTeleport for its hefty price ($24.99), you should really hear what it does – it is a VNC client! Ok, let’s try that again. This app allows you to control your PC (no matter the OS) from a few feet or a few continents away. As long as your phone is online, you can see your PC screen and manipulate both its keyboard and a mouse. Pretty cool, right?

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