The difference between a gadget and a widget

30.12.2013 Fabian Rendon

Many individuals often get confused between widgets and gadgets, with others thinking that they are similar. This is due to the fact that they both tend to enhance an individual's experience in computers, on mobile phones and when browsing the Internet. However, a widget and a gadget are very different not only in their definition but also in their functions.

There are a number of definitions for both a widget and a gadget all of which vary since there is no global definition of the two terms. For instance, the Cambridge Dictionary defines a widget as any small device whose name you have forgotten or do not know, or an imagined small product made by a company while a gadget is defined as a small device or machine with a particular purpose.   

A widget is perceived to be a graphical user interface application (GUI) with code that can be placed on any website or blog and can be copied on any site that uses HTML codes and can be used on desktops, websites and mobile phones. The codes of widgets are available in the form of Flash, HTML or JavaScript. Widgets also provide individuals with information regarding arrival and departure of flights, currency rates, world clock, stock market information and weather updates and display the said information on various websites and blogs where they are placed.

A gadget is also a graphical user interface application that is mostly used by individuals on personal computers, smart phones or tablets and enables users to access a variety of information and updates concerning weather, currency rates, world time, calculators and meanings of words and has Flash, HTML or JavaScript code.

However, unlike widgets which can be placed on any website or blog, gadgets are limited in that they can be placed only in specific websites. For instance, Google widgets can only be placed on sites that are managed by Google Corporation while a WordPress gadget can only be placed on a WordPress blog.

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