The disadvantages of both types of database models

1.7.2014 Fabian Rendon
There are some downsides to both relational and object-oriented databases.

Relational Databases – One of the main disadvantages of relational databases is that they store abundant amounts of information. There is a high level of complexity in terms of information. The database system is designed for arranging data by the most commonly used characteristics. Some of the main elements in the database can include complex numbers, multimedia, images and designs that could make it difficult to categorize. This has led to the development of object-relational database systems.

Cost is another major concern in relational databases. The more complicated relational databases can create “islands” of information. In such cases, it is not easy to share the information between large systems. In the case of larger organizations, relational database systems will usually grow in separate sections. For example, the billing department may use one database and the HR department uses another database. Making these separate databases relate to each other can be quite expensive and complicated.

Many relational database systems can have limitations on the length of their field. It is during the design phase that the data field is defined for the amount of data. Many names and search queries can be shorter, and this could cause loss of data.

Object Oriented Databases – Object oriented database systems also have many downsides. Besides, there are many misconceptions about the system. OODBs have not yet proven to be effect in large-scale corporate systems and many widely used applications such as accounting and payroll. They are ideal only for more dynamic and interactive environments, such as in the case of engineering design systems and CAD/CAM.

Another disadvantage of OODBs is that it is not a technology. It is based on an approach to solve a problem and is not a technology in itself. Besides, object oriented database has not yet been entirely accepted by leading vendors. The system may have received a high level of respect, but it is not a widely accepted. Many experts believe that the system may not be used in the future.

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