The future of social media video games

2.5.2014 Nicky Herak

The future of the gaming industry as it is now is very bright. There are no chances of video games to live the living rooms of game lovers anytime soon. Markets of video games are expanding because many games are these days based on reality and playing them is more fun.

The game industry is focused in making sure that it produces more games that are fun to play so that they can derive more sales than ever before. Although the technology in making games is advancing to very high levels some of the aspects of game playing will remain the same forever.

To participate and enjoy a good game you will always need an opponent. This is the main factor that have contributed to the growth of social media games. It is very inspiring to know that you can win a game over other people in different parts of the world. The feeling of being a hero over other people on the same age group have led many young people to love playing social media game online. From here they make friends, share ideas and socialize.

Game developers on the other hand are putting more effort in making games more real and enjoyable by involving all the five senses in the game. These developments are evident because in the past, video games only involved the sense of sight and hearing. In the most present advancement game players are able to feel the shocks of the game through a specialized headphone. On the other hand visual advancements have also been made through the use of 3D displays that makes the game to look real.

To make the games even more attractive to young people of all backgrounds, game makers have made sure that gaming and computer accessories are very affordable. Through the affordability of these gaming accessories many people will be able to buy games and therefore these game making companies will sell many games to the masses. Due the fact that playing grounds for children are becoming more and more scarce video games have a very bright future.

Many children will prefer to play video games and social media games instead of going to the play fields. This is to mean that video games are here to stay.

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