The latest pager systems

23.5.2014 Rezman Mirsom
A pager can be described as a wireless telecommunication gadget that has the capability to receive and display alphanumeric or text messages including voice mail notification.

Pagers or beepers can be categorised as one way, two way or response pager. A one way pager only receives messages while the response or two way pagers can receive messages and also send messages back through an internal transmitter. For the pagers to be fully operational, they need fixed transmitters and for the more advanced response and two way pagers – base stations and a network of other pagers for effective communication.

This paging systems can be privately hosted at a building complex such as a restaurant or it can be on a large scale system comprising of many base stations. The operations of paging communications are run by commercial service providers who offer the servic as a subscription service, but are also operated by private run systems.

The commercial operated systems tend to cover wider area than private systems even though private systems offer better services because of the resources available. The paging services operator usually have a number assigned to the user or email addresses allowing the client to page by SMS, emails and telephones. These systems also have direct connection protocols which employs global communication links.

There is software that's used in IT departments, alarm companies and hospitals – since these professions require direct connection for reliability. For the small paging systems usually employed in restaurants and retail businesses have integrated systems of a keyboard and the paging system into one box for a cost effective affair.

The paging systems are also compatible with some effective direct connection protocols such as TNPP, TAP, WCTP and SNPP. In addition, the systems also integrate the functional systems with PBX and voicemail systems linking them to telephone extensions, which allow the setting up of web portals. The paging system alerts other pagers by sending over information through a radio frequency channel which also consists of an address and message.

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