The need for technology in today’s world

16.1.2014 Roberto Arduous
Technology has become the backbone of business. Business are almost entirely dependent on technology to survive in the current competitive climate among the companies around the world. This is the same whether the business is textile manufacturing, producing goods, a foods factory, etc. Technology has been used in all of these sectors to address the needs of businesses. The world's most widely used technology system is the computer.

It greatly reduces the amount of time necessary to do work as well as provides excellent output. By using batch computer work, the things are completed early without too much difficulty. The power of the computer has made life easier and more comfortable.

Some of companies use bespoke software, that is software that has been developed for that particular business or function whilst other companies only use off-the-shelf software such a Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for their account work. There are different types of software packages in the field computer technology that have been developed for the different business needs such as photo-editing, graphics, 3D modeling, programming, etc.

Admitted technology has seized on business as it has become significant for every company to utilize technology for the betterment and success of the company. The conclusion is that the domination of technology has taken place around the world and in many lives as well.

We have even become developed habitual use of technology in many moments throughout the day, like mobile devices that are used very frequently.

Suppose if the people start ignoring the technology, then the world would be like a forest and we all would be living in the forest as it used to be happen in centuries in the past. Technology has disadvantages as well. Due to electronic signals, the human body gets affected that cab resulting in ailments. Pollution is another side effect of technology and can be responsible for ruining natural environments.

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