The OpenPower Foundation and Nvidia helped IBM with its new server

6.11.2014 Roberto Arduous

IBM’s POWER8 processor and Nvidia’s GPU accelerator are going to be combined in to an awesome new server which has been announced by IBM. IBM will be creating a new server as part of their OpenPower Foundation to manage their open source array of chips.

These fresh servers are going to be built to meet the requirement of the webscale crowd that needs servers and gear like Google and Facebook. The new server is called the Power S824L, and will start shipping on Halloween.

Even though the Power Systems servers were released by IBM in April, this renewal boasts new hardware and will be their first servers to incorporate equipment from an OpenPower Foundation contributor.


Nvidia’s GPU accelerator being integrated into the server means that users should be able to undertake massive workloads and process massive data tasks using databases like Redis. NoSQL database tasks will be simplified as has been explained by IBM vice president of IBM’s systems and technology group, Brad McCredie. When Brad was asked who IBM was aiming to sell these systems to he replied “We want to address the Linux scale-out market,”

How the webscale market responds to the new servers and IBM’s POWER8 processors will be a mystery. IBM sees their POWER8 chips as a competitor to Intel’s x86 series of chips.

IBM is hopeful that the hardware created under the OpenPower Foundation will give it a competitive aspect to massive internet based companies who are into open source Technologies, that will be their prime audience.

Brad goes on to state that IBM is not trying to monopolize all of the hardware production or other processes related to the OpenPower Foundation. He says IBM wants to accomodate and be a source of innovation so that more users will be attracted to the OpenPower Foundation one day.


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