The overall mission of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

15.4.2014 Roberto Arduous
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or IEEE’s mission is to promote technological excellence and innovation for the larger benefit of people. IEEE’s vision is to become an essential organization for the international technical community including the technical professionals around the world. The organization’s aim is to be recognized collectively for the contributions of technology in the improvement of global conditions.

Today, the IEEE is the largest professional association in the world promoting the advancement of technological innovation. The organization and its members encourage the world through IEEE’s publications, professional activities, educational activities conferences, and technology standards.

The success of IEEE’s mission and vision at the global scale could be judged from the fact that today it has almost half a million members from over 160 countries around the world. Over 50% of these members hail from outside the US. Around 120,000 of its members are students, and the membership is categorized under 333 Sections in 10 regions around the world. The organization has over 2,200 Chapters that help its local members with similar interests to come together.

The IEEE has more than 2,500 student branches in the universities and colleges of almost 80 countries. Then there are over 400 affinity groups which are non-technical sub units of its Sections or Council. The most popular of these groups are the IEE USA Consultants’ Network, the Life Members, the Women in Engineering, and the Last Decade Young Professionals.

The IEEE publishes almost a third of the global technical literature on electronics, electrical engineering and computer science. It has almost 150 magazines, journals and transactions published annually. Besides, the IEEE also releases books, textbooks, guides and monographs in collaboration with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Today, it is possible to access all the IEEE content in its digital format.

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