The real idea behind Domain-Specific Languages

12.11.2013 Fabian Rendon
Domain-Specific languages (DSL) are computer application codes that have been specified for use in a particular domain. It differs from the general-purpose languages in that the DSL is more in depth and is largely specific. HTML is an example of a Domain-specific language which is a language that is used for coding in web page development and creation. In this sense, HTML is used for a specific web page structure and this underlines the specified nature of the languages. The beauty about Domain-specific languages is the fact that it can be used for troubleshooting and it can bring about a sense of security for any web page or domain created.

The advantage of DSL is the fact that people can now have a language that can troubleshoot and eliminate problems within a domain. This normally works in the favor of the domain in that the domain is made to be a safe operating environment and an efficient one as such. The Domain-Specific Languages are often designed with a specific goal in mind which is normally reflective of the objective that a domain has and the mode of operation which the domain is tuned to have. Productivity and an easy maintenance are other aspects of the DSL that people can enjoy and this can be attributed to the fact that the quality of the languages is top class and validation is also at an advanced stage as opposed to the GPL.

The major disadvantages that people can experience with the DSL include the fact that it is expensive to have a designed Language that is specific to each domain that a firm may run. Maintaining all the domains and having the experts to do the same also proves to be a hassle since each DSL normally carries different set-ups and a varied orientation. The efficiency of the processor is also affected as the different codes may actually prompt a decline in the operational speed of the processor and its ability to disseminate information at the rate and professionalism that is required.

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