The technologies used in 3D displays

6.5.2014 Rezman Mirsom

Over the years technology used in making televisions have changed for the better in a very big way. From the heavy cathode ray tube based displays to the LCD screens that use liquid crystals to display images and the latest development of 3D LED or Light Emitting Diode screens.

Although they can be very expensive at the moment, it is good to hire one and experience the future of television displays.

In the past, people used special goggles in order for them to see the 3D effect. With the latest screens there is no need for goggles because with the new 3D LCD display a 3D effect can be realized without the need of the goggles.

Various companies use different technologies to make these 3D displays, these include:


This is a computer generated effect that uses both the horizontal and the vertical parallax in creating many viewing angles and fields of light that look the same as original scene. This method creates an effect similar to looking through a window. The method is however limited for use in the laboratories for now due to complicated production needs.

Volumetric Displays

These displays makes use of voxels in the place of pixels. They makes use of a physical mechanism in displaying points of light within a given volume. In this method many display panels are piled on top of each other.

Auto Stereoscopy

It is the most common way of making 3D LCD displays. This is because it has the ability to create a perception of depth without the use of a special gear by the user. This is achieved by controlling the switching liquid crystal to create a parallax obstruction which separates light to form two separate images, where a sense of depth is created by making the right and the left eye to see different images.

Many of these technologies are in their early stages because each kind of technology comes with its set of challenges like determining the viewer’s location while others might require a great deal of processing. However it is expected that 3D displays will develop into more affordable, easier to use and less cumbersome models in the future.

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