The technology zones in Tanzania

8.7.2014 Nicky Herak

Through the support of the government, NGOs, corporate and technology companies, Tanzania has seen an accelerated growth in the IT sector that is very inspiring. The government has imitated various projects that are technology oriented especially in the agriculture and rural development sector.

The country has gotten into partnerships with countries such as IBM in order to help in acceleration of the growth of the information, communication and technology sectors. Ever since the introduction of the mobile phones, the country information sector has grown exponentially and there has been an emergence of tech savvy, well informed and refined IT experts.

These IT experts are very involved in their phones and computers, dissecting and disseminating information among themselves as a way of building up better relationships and liaising solutions. The Tanzanian government's, as with other regional governments, main focus is to create an IT hub that will serve the both the East African region and beyond. The government also wishes to have a sustained economic development that is based on using information, communication technology as a catalyst for the growth.

The government has also put in place measures to make sure that IT investors have the ability to perform business as swiftly and efficiently as possible. There are plans to adopt the use of technology in provision of services among all the government ministries, where by they will have the e-health, e-education, e-government among others.

Different corporations have invested in the IT sector and have helped in the incorporation of the right IT measures in the various sectors. For example the port of Dar es Salaam, which serves the country and other, neighboring countries, is targeted as a beneficiary of various partnerships.

Most of the talent search, development and sustainability in Tanzania has mainly been focused on the young talents that have occupied the Internet with a zeal to change the country’s IT sector and other related industries. There are various incentives offered by the government and various organizations aimed at creating lasting solutions through the use of information and communication technology.

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