The top 5 popular websites in Kenya

2.1.2014 Magdalena Gauci
In recent years, Kenya has witnessed an immense increase in the number of Internet users. This has resulted in many people shifting their businesses online. Corporations, schools and even big media houses have online platforms where they can reach their target markets with ease. Different types of websites have been created to attract customers and other users.

The following are five of the most popular websites in Kenya.

Daily Nation

This is an online edition of the Daily Nation newspaper. The Daily Nation newspaper is owned by the Nation Media Group. It is the country’s leading newspaper and has international recognition. It was basically designed for online readers. There is also a mobile version available for the site.

The East African standard

This is the second most popular newspaper In Kenya. There is a website for the newspaper that has a large number of followers and readers. The website has all the contents that are found in the physical newspaper. The news on the website is updated at intervals.

Kenya Lyrics

This is a website that was designed to concentrate on lyrics of the Kenyan music. The site also contains news for the Kenyan musicians and links to their music. The website is also filled with different types of adverts that are appealing to its users.

Kenyan Jobs

This website is among the most famous websites in Kenya. It is dedicated to providing information about job opportunities available in the country. The good thing about this site is that it does not charge its users for the services offered. This is the reason why the website has a high number of local traffic.


It is another website that ranks as one of the most popular. It was created by the Access Kenya group. The website allows its users to search for information about homes. The website updates its information on regular basis. It also sends weekly e-letters to its customers.

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