The Top 50 of 2012: iPhone Apps (Page 1)

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler

Angry Birds

If you’ve never played it before, trust me when I say you’ve been in close proximity to someone who has been playing it- whether or not you’ve been aware of it. Simply out of sheer principle, you need to have this game, it’s the most popular game in the history of the universe!

Here’s the plot line of the game: Pigs have wronged birds in some way or other. You represent the victimized and infuriated birds! You get revenge on the pigs by pulling the birds back in a slingshot and smashing them into structures built by the pigs (these birds like to plummet onto the structures instead of simply flying for some reason). Once you kill all the pigs you move on to the next level.

It’s so addictive that it ain’t funny, you’ve been warned.


Instagram is the cream of the crop when it comes to photo-sharing. You can make your pictures look retro using filters on your iPhone photos. You can then go on to sharing them on Facebook and other social networks. It sounds simple and all but has over 15 million users and the majority of reviews has it as 5 star app. The latest version adds some cool features so it’s never been a better time to jump on the Instagram bandwagon (that sounds cool when you read it out loud).

Dragon Go!

The concept behind this makes it seem something from the vein of Siri, but boy is it something else! A free natural language app made by Nuance Communications, the same company that made Siri  (it’s thought anyway) whose speech-crunching tech powers Apple’s belle of the voice recognition ball. Dragon Go! not only recognizes what I say just as accurately as Siri, it knows right where to go, in this case popping open Yelp with a list of the top-rated nearby barbecue joints. “Say what you want and Dragon Go! will deliver your results within seconds,” goes the app-info sales pitch. And it’s been doing exactly that (since I reviewed it in July) reliably enough that I’ll keep using it in lieu of dropping a bundle on an iPhone 4S — until whatever’s next comes out.

Weather Underground

Most weather apps can tell you the temperature in your city, but can they tell exactly where in your city? Weather Underground lets you pick from more than 22,000 weather stations for a super localized forecast! The layout puts everything you want dead center: the day’s weather, a scrollable weekly forecast and the Wundermap, which lets you overlay temperatures, animated radar images and more on top of Google Maps.


One of the most useful travel websites on the Internet has gotten shrunken down to a more pocket-friendly format. With Kayak you can quickly and easily search multiple airlines for the best price on tickets. You can even track your flight status and book hotels and rental cars, too. The app, in addition to all this, includes useful travel information like airline phone numbers, flight tracking and baggage fees, what more could a frequent flyer want?

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