The Top 50 of 2012: iPhone Apps (Page 7)

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler


When you’re at work the next time and someone sends you an interesting but lengthy article on the Internet, don’t just store it for later. Install the Instapaper bookmarklet on your desktop browser, and when you open the Instapaper app on your iPhone, the article will be there waiting, in an easy-to-read format, making you actually read said article. The $5 asking price is worth the productivity gained.


This cool app that lets you access all your important documents, photos and music from your Dropbox account while on the move, is bringing the cloud to your iPhone. Spot something cool while on vacation? Take a video and upload it so that you can watch it later at home, on the device of your choosing. Other useful features include the ability to save email attachments straight to your account and mark items as “Favorites” so that you can get in some offline viewing.


Anyone who uses Gmals’s great archiving, labeling, priority inbox and spam report features simply has to download the Gmail app on the iPhone. The ability to search your entire Gmail account for older messages is a great feature to have in the bag as well. The most recent version improved nested labels, offers custom sound notifications for Gmail messages and lets you designate a mobile Gmail signature.


IntoNow uses your phone’s microphone to identify whatever TV show you’re watching in real time based on the show’s audio track. Once it has identified the show, you can use IntoNow to find out which of your friends have already seen the episode you’re watching or which ones happen to be watching the same show at the same time, great for a topic of conversation or an ice-breaker you can use with a coworker. You’ll even be able to access live scores if you’re watching a sporting event, tweets from actors involved in a particular show and quick links to related Netflix content and episodes available via iTunes.

They Need To Be Fed

This quirky little app from YoYo Games takes the simple 2D side-scroller and turns it on its head—quite literally. The upsy-downsy  gravity lets you jump from platform to platform without fear of falling down, which sounds easy until you spot the spikes and constantly shifting surfaces that make getting through the game’s 80 levels a real challenge. It’s cute and the simple animations make reaching your goal—feeding yourself to hungry, blob-like monsters—even more enjoyable.

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