The types of research and development that the IEEE Conducts

22.4.2014 Roberto Arduous
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional association dedicated to technological innovation and the promotion of technological excellence. Besides setting the standards in all major industries, the IEEE is constantly conducting different types of research and development, while also promoting it in private and government sectors.

The IEEE conducts R&D in almost all the industries including aerospace, information technology, power and energy, transportation, consumer electronics, nanotechnology, telecommunication, healthcare and biomedical technology among others. The types of R&D that IEEE has conducted can best be explained by the following examples.

R&D on High-Efficiency Hall-type ion Engines for small spacecrafts – Research and development is underway to create Hall thrusters for small satellites with power levels below 100W. When the Hall thruster power is lowered, the cylindrical-type of Hall thruster offers more benefits compared to the traditional coaxial-type Hall thrusters. The study involved the design of low-power cylindrical Hall thruster and measuring its performance. It was possible to achieve reliable operation even with a power of 10 W.

R&D on new types of Data Acquisition Board – The R&D on mechanical vibration testing system and data acquisition architecture has led to the development of a new kind of data acquisition board that is based on the standard PC for mechanical vibration generate. The new system features high-speed data acquisition, featuring 5-channel processing module for vibration signals and 2-channel output module. The new board allows the host PC to acquire raw vibration/output drive signals via its ISA bus. The high performance of the system makes it possible for the host PC to process large volume of vibration signals.

Some of the other examples of R&D activities by IEEE are performed in the field of Renewable Energy, Intelligent Control and Automation, Management of Innovation, Engineering Management, Rehabilitation Robotics, Industrial Informatics, System Sciences, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Computer Science and Automation Engineering among hundreds others.

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