Top 5 important Twitter features

6.1.2014 Julian Blazek
Social networks can serve you accordingly if they are equipped with the right tools to make your experience there one to go back to. As such, Twitter has several features that make it a standout among many social platforms.

You can now get a week after week message process loaded with the most applicable tweets and stories imparted in your stream by use of the Top Stories feature. As such you can impart stories individuals think about by retweeting, additionally by posting them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Top tweets is not quite the same as top stories – these are tweets from all across Twitter (as opposed to simply your food) that got retweeted hundreds or many times. This week by week message might be super amusing – and suitable. It’s an extraordinary approach to study what is imparted frequently on Twitter so you can apply others' victory to your own Twitter method.

The Tailored trends will allow you to take after patterns by customizing them by area and who you to follow, which will be send to you in a week by week message. Thus you’ll stay on top of industry news; use what you study in blog entries or your own tweets or Facebook posts. As well you’ll have the capacity to take after nearby patterns that could influence your business.

On the other hand, the Follow suggestions tool allows you to enhance the quality and nature of your stream and stretch your rundown of adherents; it is dependably incredible to add new individuals to your Twitter group. This characteristic makes it simple to do the greater part of the above.

Expanded tweets; This characteristic recently exists for pictures and motion pictures, yet now it is connected to connections, permitting you to see content sneak peeks. Engagement around substance might as well build since individuals can see your blog entry or article.

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