Top 5 Less Well Known iOS 7 Features

27.12.2013 Julian Blazek
iOS7 was definitely one of the most anticipated iOS versions out there, and the fact that up to 35% of people with mobile devices upgraded within 24 hours of its release is just testament to this. One of the main reasons for this is that the operating system had a raft of new improvements that made it even more exciting for people to use. Most of these were highly publicized, but there are a few gems that few people might be aware of. Some of these include:

1. The ability to get rid of all your data: iOS7 now includes a feature which deletes all your information from the device if the passcode is not entered correctly 10 times in a row. This makes it much easier for you to protect any sensitive data you might have in case your phone gets into the wrong hands.

2. Apps Night Mode: iOS7 comes with a maps app that is a lot more reliable than the previous version. It also includes a night mode that dims the light at night making it more comfortable to use when using the device to navigate.

3. Spirit Level Functionality: the inbuilt compass within the OS has a spirit level that you can actually use in everyday tasks. For instance, when you need to line up frames when hanging them, you can use the spirit level to make sure that they are aligned.

4. Call and message blocking: in the past, most phone operating systems made it very difficult to block calls and messages. iOS7 makes this very easy for you to do. In the phone settings menu, you can easily blacklist any number from calling or sending you a message.

5. Automatic joining of free Wi-Fi networks: connecting to free Wi-Fi is a tricky issues, since there are some untrusted ones that might end up stealing your information. However, iOS7 has the capability to determine whether the free Wi-Fi is trustworthy or not, and if it is, it will join it automatically saving you the trouble of doing so.

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