Toshiba set to reduce its consumer PC business

30.9.2014 Roberto Arduous
Toshiba which is an electronics company does not predict much of a future in PCs that are traditional in the way that it once predicted. At the beggining of today, the company revealed its plans to restructure and focus on the market of business, where it will be able to depend on stabler sales. In the same way, it's moving away from consumers and in some places, completely taking itself out of the market. Toshiba will likely still keep its place in countries that are developed –this is including America, which claims to not have been impacted by the change, where it can link consumer sales to enterprise ones, but it will reduce its consumer sales bases everywhere else around the world and cut down the PC unit's head office in Japan. It possibly expects to get rid of about 900 employees, or perhaps over 20 percent of its non-manufacturing PC workforce. This is all part of the big change.

Many other companies too, not just Toshiba, have felt the stinging effects of declining PC sales over the past few years. But maybe most noticeably, former powerhouse Dell was bought out by its founder during a time of financial turmoil, going off the stock market and focusing on shoring up commercial sales. HP saw its PC business decrease in a major way in the year 2013, even though it was improving after the latest earnings statement. Lenovo has surprisingly been the only company who seemed to have escaped this decline. Toshiba, which makes components and industrial infrastructure and also consumer electronics, hasn't being doing too good in the second category these days. It has already reconstituted its TV business in 2013, after it lost $1 billion in two years. In its report of July earnings, it announced that it would be getting rid of 300 more TV unit jobs.

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