Try some of these cool new features on your new iPhone

22.9.2014 Fabian Rendon
Try some of these cool new features on your new iPhone

iOS 8 was just newly released and developers are bustling to roll out their latest apps and features that can fully utilize iOS 8’s new features so there’s still plenty new goodies to grace the App Store in the days and weeks to come. We’ve come up with a list of awesome apps that already make full use of iOS 8 and we advise you try them!

For those who love photos and editing them:


VSCO is a favorite among iPeople and the new update harnesses iOS 8’s advanced features like shutter speed, manual focus and color contrast along with many others. It will soon enable extension add-ons and this will make it an unstoppable photo editing app.

Afterlight is already one of the most popular photo-editing apps, and although I only use it to crop photos here and there, I’m fully aware that it can add circular frames, strobes of light, a whole array of filters and so much more. A great app for smart device photographers!


Like Snapchat and how you can add text over your photos but hate that it’s so hard to save your snaps? You can now add text over your photos by using Quick without ever entering the app itself, straight from the camera roll.

News (We love News!)
Yahoo News Digest
Yahoo News Digest is one of our faves and just like The New York Times you can check out the latest news from Yahoo directly from your notification center.

The New York Times
With iOS 8’s updated notification features enabling more features to be shown in the notification center you can view The New York Times’ feed directly on screen by swiping down. You can continue reading from right where you left off on your other iDevices thanks to Handoff, a great new feature from the Californian company.

Instapaper has also utilized the new widget feature of iOS 8, meaning you can top in to Instapaper whenever you feel like adding something to your reading queue with a simple share to Instapaper.


Any app that supports iOS 8 is now shareable with Pocket, which has been a long awaited feature. Before, you could only share things to pocket from apps and sites that had Pocket sharing enabled, but now as long as you have Pocket on your device you can add anything you want! Saving up your read later list for those boring nights has never been so easy.
Also, thanks to Handoff, you can read from within the app and if you need to do something else with your phone, you can pick up right where you left off on your Macbook or iPad.

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