Two way pagers

21.5.2014 Rezman Mirsom
When considering one way and two way pagers, you will realise that the major difference between the two is the added benefit of receiving and sending messages through the devices. Modern day pagers have advanced more than traditional pagers in that they can also send and receive texts and sounds. Therefore a two way pager can be defined as a pager that has the ability to send data and receive it.

Furthermore some of these gadgets have the ability to take on alphanumeric messages and display including sending and receiving emails and SMS messages. A pager can be described as a specified call radio receiver. This is further defined by the transmitters added on the pager to enable the two way paging communication. The transmitter in conjunction with the radio receiver makes the two way communication possible since the pager can talk back to a base station.

The original attempt for two way communication within the pager was called “one and a half pagers” (1.5) because the pagers could only send limited responses to the commercial carrier systems. Even though the simple responses were termed in such a manner, they made the possibility of the paging systems to offer roaming services before the message was received, a reality.

This made communication through roaming very efficient since the paging services meant that the pager would only respond once it was turned on. So the pagers will make sure that during roaming a pager user will only get the message when the service provider finally finds the pager in the system.

There were other features that were later installed to one and a half (1.5) pagers in order to make them fully operate as two way pagers. Two way pagers come with an in built keyboard to make them fully compatible as two way pagers allowing them to send and receive alphanumeric text messages.

Initially pagers were mainly used by people who needed to be reached frequently when out of the office or home. But ever since mobile phones became cheaper they have largely reduced the use of pagers and limited them to professionals such as doctors, fire fighters, IT support staffs et cetera.

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