Understanding the business environment and IT

28.5.2014 Roberto Arduous

Both IT and business environments should not depend upon certain guidelines to share their views. IT should not expect a kind of standards for optimization of goals that the business managers have spelled out. Listen to experience of professionals and provide a leverage to follow advice. Both business and IT should concentrate on understanding business, human and technology angles which are applicable to any particular business model, and have in view the stakeholder’s interest in the business.

In many business organizations it has become a standard to make IT professionals meet with analysts of business, and when IT data convinces the business the IT view of business “point-of-sale” applications, in time business will realize that it will have an impact on their sales, and gates will open up for more cooperation between IT and business, and alignment becomes easier.

This will lead to formation of a team where IT and business will recognize that their common objective is more important than asserting each of their points of view. IT professionals should consider the impact of their strategies on business first, instead of concentrating on solutions and technologies, when they are in discussions with business professionals in an organization.

When analytics-driven focus is considered important in an organization, the gap can automatically bridged between IT and business. Business professionals will be more interested to know the cost of delivery of the services through IT application, vis-à-vis value of services which IT can bring in.

Define services required clearly, understand and track how resources are being applied, and understand how each service is consumes a business' resources, which will make the people in the organization realize how much they are spending for a particular result, so that they will be in a better position to understand the usage of technology. First and foremost an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding that both are working to maximize profits of the organization should be built up.

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