Various search engines used around the world – Walla!, an Israel based engine

14.2.2014 Simon Bradley

This Israel Web Search Engine helps you to access news, send emails and search and was among the first Israeli search engines to come into operation. It is also a popular search engine amongst Israeli communities, gaining recognition as one of the nine most used search engines in Israel. It was founded in 1995 and later acquired by Mashov Group. Trading on Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv, it changed its name to Walla! communications.

Its different wings open up a new world for Israeli users and users around the world. The News sections give you instant breaking news apart from giving an analysis of what is happening around the world. While its storage space in e-mailing section is unlimited, Walla! Music and Walla! Shops are known to offer a variety which is popular with the Isaeli population. The website also offers you downloads for mobile phones.

The news stories which it provides are basically Israeli originated, and like all other search engines Walla! brings in news from around the world, and gives an analysis of the same from time to time. This 24x7 news site, sources many of its stories from the famous Ha’aretz Group, other news agencies, and other content providers. It was only in 2006 it started recruiting its own news personnel and presently has independent news and editorial personnel giving us original news stories not only from political and social nature but also includes cinema, music, food, fashion and sports news.

The search engine also offers great choices for music lovers, especially Arab music, and latest trends are instantly uploaded. You can search for your choice, even if it is American or Japanese music and find them all through Walla!. 2005 was a watershed year for Walla!, when it joined hands with GFDL copyright licensing system which is the source for Wikipedia, and brought the complete Hebrew database accessible, to users of Walla! It uses the name of Walla!pedia, for publishing its articles, but gives credit to its source, i.e., Wikipedia. It deviates from Wikipedia inasmuch as it does not allow us to edit the text published in Walla!pedia, as also the earlier versions of the articles and their history is not made accessible

Walla! Has also its Hebrew language edition, even as its other wing Walla!Shops are found both in Hebrew and English.

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