Ways to align IT and business

30.5.2014 Simon Bradley

There are a number of ways suggested by scholars and researchers in the fields of business and information technology to bridge the yawning gap between business practices and applying IT to business. First and foremost is that mutual respect for both the wings having to be built and strengthened from time to time.

Towards this end, it is necessary that both IT and business should communicate with each other in a friendly environment. The moment IT sits down and plans with business peers, half the battle for understanding is over. Let both IT and business understand that their services are complimentary to achieving the common goal of maximizing profits.

With a common code of work IT professionals should work with business leaders so that they proceed on a common path of success. For aligning IT with business, it is necessary that both wings are on the same page and speak in one language so that they are never at loggerheads. Let both of these wings become accountable and a common watertight relationship be worked out.

It should ensure that its plans are shared with business, so that new applications are looked forward to by business leaders and welcomed instead of doubting their effectiveness. When the business and IT open up an application centric view, they will be able to share and bring together important applications to go with the business practices in a structured manner, with the right systems for managing being brought in.

If IT professionals share their views and hold discussions with business managers, the various IT applications, and how they will increase the profitability, business leaders will lend a ear and the working will become smoother. Most importantly there should be no distrust between these two important facets. There should be no room for business managers even doubting the ability of IT to bring in the results.

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