Well-known Standards Developed by the IEEE

17.4.2014 Roberto Arduous
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) sets global standards for a wide range of industries through its agency, the IEEE-SA (Standards Association). The organization has laid down standards for almost all industries including power and energy, IT, telecommunication, health care and biomedical, nanotechnology, transportation and others. Some of the well known IEEE standards are as listed here:

IEEE 802 – This is a group of IEEE standards that deals with all the Local Area Networks (LAN) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) used throughout the world.

IEEE 488 – This standard was initially known as the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus or HP-IB. It has led to the further creation of many standards. It is a specification for a short-range digital communication bus. It was first created for application with automated test equipment.

IEEE 830 – This is a software requirements specification that completely defines the behavior of a system and can include a range of cases for describing the interaction between the users and the software. Besides, the standard also features non-functional requirements that may impose limitations on the design or execution.

IEEE 896 – Also referred to as Futurebus, this is a computer bus standard designed for replacing the local bus in computer. This includes replacing the connections for plug-in cards, memory, CPU, and LAN links within machines.

IEEE 829 – This IEEE standard is referred to as the Standard for Software and System Test Documentation. It lays down the specifications about the format of the documents to be used in 8 defined stages in software testing. Every stage will involve the creation of a unique set of documents.

IEEE 1394 – This is a standard for serial bus interface for high-speed data transfer and communication. The technology was developed by Apple, who termed it FireWire. The interface may be compared to USB, but it doesn’t have as much market share. Most of the Apple computers released after 2000 have these ports, but currently it is included only in Mac Mini.

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