What are Google Adwords and why do we use them

15.11.2013 Simon Bradley
Google is most favorite and world best search engine according to reviews and ranking of the search engines. This is the reason why people prefer to search things on search engine. Adwords is a Google tool to research about keywords and create the advertisement campaign on the Google. Google Adwords is beneficial in many ways due to the fact it has multiple feature along with one tool to optimize your advertisement campaign in proper way. You are supposed to create the campaign without any difficulty because you can find all the keywords here.

For instance, if you want to start any real estate business online in Dubai then you can use “keywords planner” option to sort out the keywords related to the real estate in Dubai. To use the Keywords planner tool, You just need to put the keywords in the search box and from the left panel select the region, in which region you want see the searches and related keywords. In few seconds keywords planner shows you a list of related keywords along with searches. However, it is very simple and useable while doing SEO on any website.

Through the Google Adwords become able to create an advertisement campaign for your product or website. In above process of keywords searches you will also get the price of keywords for creating the Ad words campaign. On Google when you search any keywords on the top of the searches you find and light pink search so that search is not an organic search that is the Google Ads. When you click on those ads, Google charges money from the sponsor of those ads. However, you need to select some keywords along with you want to create ad words campaign. Therefore, it is necessary to select the particular and related keyword for your campaign so that whenever any user searches real estate Google shows your website on the top of the Search engine. It is expensive but due to this campaign, your keywords ranking increases.

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