What do you Need to Do to Raise your Traffic?

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler

You have designed and published your website; you have developed a great product or have acquired the selling rights of an already great product, prepared a perfect sale page, all your links work. In short everything is perfect, but you aren’t selling! Why? Because no one knows you’re there.

So what do you need to do? What you need to do is pull traffic. This means you need online visitors.

There are many ways, channels and a lot of software that could help you create traffic. But all of these need to be implemented to raise your profits. If you buy an application that creates traffic, you need to make sure that it is pulling the proper traffic. If you are paying 3 dollars for every click and your product or service costs 99 dollars this means that you would have to sell to at least 1 in 33 visitors to your site. So are these 33 people your target group? You need for at least 3% of these people to be quality visitors to make any sort of profit, or make ends meet. This is an exceptionally expensive method. You need to support this system with other marketing systems. How?

Applications that Help Supply Traffic: Indirect Traffic E-mail Marketing

If you want your target group and high quality traffic to come to your site, you can use the indirect e-mail marketing method. Directed indirect traffic, means pulling in visitors from other sites, or back to your site (technically this can be called back-links). This also covers the visitors that have read your articles and been forwarded to your site. So in other words Article Marketing is an indirect marketing method.

Quality traffic for a website

Another type of quality traffic is the traffic from search engines. So if someone searches for the topic of your field and you are listed in the top 20 results and they click on your page, this means you have reached your target customer. On search engines, results on keywords that have been searched are put into two groups. One of these is organic results and the other is paid results. High quality content and updated content will have you amongst the organic results.

PPC (Pay per Click)

Another way of getting quality traffic is using the PPC method. This method gets you traffic when people make searches relevant to your site. (On Google these are the results that are at the top and the right side of results). Note: this method will not give you any privileges among the organic results.

Article Marketing- writing Articles

The truest way of having of getting traffic for no cost is Article Marketing. Writing articles on a subject of expertise will get you quality traffic and could have you at the top of search results. If you get people to read these articles and click on the tags below them, they will be forwarded to your site .If you want, you can get help and support on this method and start right away!

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