What is a Server Proxy

29.11.2013 Nicky Herak
A server proxy is basically a computer that acts as an intermediary between an Internet client’s computer and the Internet web server by facilitating how the client will access any content available on the web. As such, the server proxy will intercept any requests that you might make on the Internet and essentially process it before providing you with what you wanted.

How it works:

After you make a request for a web page, a server proxy will receive your request and filter it to ensure that the requested web page has not been blacklisted by the network administrator. Upon fulfilling the filtering requirements, the server proxy will automatically connect to the requested web server while blocking any malicious attacks (such as malware and viruses) present in the web server.

Once it has received the requested web page, the server proxy will essentially make a copy and store it in its cache for easy retrieval in case another Internet client requests the same web page. As such, the proxy will send the said client a cached version of the webpage rather than repeating the entire retrieval process. After caching the requested web page, the server proxy passes it on to the client computer.

Advantages of using a server proxy:

It provides quick access to web pages.

With a server proxy, you can access web pages quite quickly and thus save your Internet bandwidth. This is mainly due to the fact that a server proxy stores previously requested web pages in its cache and retrieves it upon request rather than constantly connecting to the web server.

It works as a firewall and filters content.

A server proxy can be used to limit access to certain web pages that may be perceived as offensive, harmful or irrelevant. As such, employers and school heads may configure proxy servers to restrict access to social networking and pornographic sites by employees and students.

It enhances Internet privacy and security.

In case you want to anonymously surf the net, you can use a server proxy to hide your home IP address and instead have the proxy server’s IP address visible to other Internet users.

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