What Is Information Security

2.12.2013 Julian Blazek

The phrase information security sometimes shortened as InfoSec, is a combination of two words. The first word is Information. As commonly know, Information is some sort of processed data that has a meaning and subject attached to it. It is a communication in itself and posses relevant meaning that when interpreted either correctly or incorrectly can lead to initiation of an event. On the other hand, security is a word derived from the word secure which simply means safe. The safety of information is what defines information security. In other words, information security is simply the process of keeping any given piece of information in a safe manner devoid of any unauthorized access. Some information is so sensitive and confidential such that when leaked to other unauthorized individuals may seriously compromise certain situations.

The emergence of computer and Internet technology has greatly revolutionized the way information is being handled. Besides making the sharing of information from any part of the world to the other, computer and Internet has also made it possible for very serious and confidential data to become vulnerable to other outside attach. Governments, financial institutions, schools, agencies and individuals are greatly investing in stringent information security measures that can enable them keep their data safe and secure. One of the current global challenges is terrorism. Information makes the basis of fighting terrorism in the world. Terrorists can also use government security details to sabotage the operations of government and as such commit serious acts of terrorism.

Financial institutions such as banks also value the safety of information pertaining to their clients and bank operations. If any loophole is left, hackers and crackers get access to such confidential information, a lot of money can be lost in the process before the situation is brought to control. Large and well established multi-national companies such as Google which is the giant in the Internet business have invested in information security and as such provide the same to other companies all over the world. Information security is an integral part of any success and development.

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