What is M-Kopa Solar?

7.1.2014 Nicky Herak

Traditionally, kerosene lamps have been in use in many rural households. This has over the years been a big burden for most families as kerosene prices skyrocketed in response to global financial changes. It is in this perspective that M-Kopa solar was established. The product includes a solar panel with capacity to support three lights and an USB enabled mobile charging system.

M-Kopa solar is available to the population of Kenya. This is through M-Kopa dealers who are to be found in all areas within the country. To find out the dealers in any region the company has provided a phone number through which they can be indentified and located.

The company has two major products.

The d.light d10g solar home system comes with 3 lights with multiple brightness. It also has a USB mobile charging system with 5 standard connections and a 4W quality solar panel. The d.light d20g solar home system is composed of 3 lights and one portable lamp. It also comes with 5 standard mobile charging systems and a 5W high quality solar pane. This product also comes with a solar chargeable radio.

The cost of acquiring the product is minimal and is based on estimated daily usage on kerosene. This means that the customer is required to make a down payment and pay the rest on daily basis for a period of one year. The d.light d10g solar home system requires a down payment of KSh (Kenyan Shillings) 2,500/= and daily payment of only KSh 40/=. The d.light d20g solar home system requires a down payment of Ksh 2,999 and daily payments of KSh 50/=.

Daily payments are made through M-Pesa where a payment number is provided. The company maintains an updated record of the payments made. After the payments have been cleared, total ownership of the product is given to the client. The products come with a one and two year warranty for d.light d10g solar home system and d.light d20g solar home system respectively. This covers theft or malfunction where replacement is made effectively.

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