What is the US Payment Service?

10.1.2014 Rezman Mirsom

The US payment service is basically a service offered to Payoneer debit MasterCard holders globally that essentially enables them to receive direct remuneration from corporations in the United States for any online work such as stock photography, freelancing, affiliate networks, Amazon/eBay selling and App development among others.

The service is only available to Payoneer debit card holders and they are provided with a bank account number which can only be used to obtain money from selected companies in the United States through Direct Deposits. Received payments are then directly loaded to Payoneer cards and used in any region that accepts use of a MasterCard.  

Application for the US payment service is open to any Payoneer cardholder and has to be approved by a department of the US Payment Service. In addition, individuals who opt to use the service are charged a fee of 1% of each payment they receive. If you own a Payoneer card, you can submit an online request to enable you use the US payment service and filling the online request form available on the Payoneer website. Similarly, individuals without the Payoneer card can submit an application for one to enable them to use the service.  

The US Payment Service is only limited to receipt of funds and any attempts to send money are often declined. In addition, Payoneer card holders can only receive payments from companies listed on the database of the US Payment Service department.

Benefits of the United States payment service:

i. It is a secure service

With the US payment service, you are guaranteed to be free from payment scams since the service is only available to Payoneer debit MasterCard holders with payments only made by companies that are listed on the US Payment Service department’s database.

ii. Low payment costs

The US payment service is an affordable way to receive money for work done as you are only charged a 1% rate of any payment you receive. As such, you are able to steer clear of high bank charges and essentially save.

iii. Payments are available within 2 hours

With the US payment service, individuals do not have to experience long waiting hours to access money paid into accounts since funds are usually available within 2 hours of payment.

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