What is Virtual Windows and how to install it

25.12.2013 Daniel Jaramillo
A virtual window is a window that works as an operating system within the installed operating system. This window works as if it's the original operating system of the computer. If you are using Windows XP or Window 7 then you can download the software for Virtual Windows from the Microsoft website. Once downloaded and completely installed, open this software and again install the operating system in the virtual software. If starting Windows within Virtual Windows gives an error, you do not need to install it again because you can make the copies of the Windows in virtual software.

This virtual window gets another IP address and contains a unique identity as well. You cannot use the Wi-Fi Internet in the virtual network you need to plug in a router connected LAN cable in the network jack for Internet connectivity. There are many benefits of using Virtual Windows.

You can use Virtual Window at the same time as when you use your original operating system, means that you can do your work on both operating systems simultaneously. While using the both Windows the Internet bandwidth gets divided equally between both operating systems. You can also install the Windows XP in on the Windows 7. It means if you have already Windows 7 as your operating system then you can install the Windows XP in the virtual software. Many organizations do this because they need to use some of features from Windows XP. Software development houses usually have a computer running virtual Windows for testing their applications or websites in different versions of operating systems.

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