When was the Internet established in Pakistan

20.11.2013 Magdalena Gauci
The Internet is a very effective technology. Through the Internet everyone can accomplish their targets easily now. In the 1990, the Internet becomes common around the world but in Pakistan, it did not become common. First email services introduced in Lahore by the two brothers and the name of their company was “Imran Net”. In the same year a company establishes in the Karachi with the name of the D - COM. In the early stage, this company started to provide the emailing services to Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. In 1995, this company introduces the internet services in Karachi. From that day till now many changes have happened in the internet services in Pakistan. According to PTA and PTCL the internet services has introduced in 1998 small and large cities of Pakistan.

In the earlier stage of when internet introduces the bandwidth of the internet was only 20 or 30 megabits. However, now the internet speed has increased, from 775-mega bit to 1 Giga bits internet service available in Pakistan. According to the ISP, companies’ 24 million people have used the internet services by the telephone modem in Pakistan. Except this method for reaching to the internet, many people are using the cable net or cyber net in Pakistan by the small internet service provider.

In the earlier day when internet introduce the internet services provider quantity was 200 and after the 5 years many companies close and remains 140 and further 10 year 50% companies closed their companies and now only 70 companies are providing the internet service in Pakistan. Due to the weak polices companies became bank corrupt and had to close. The demand of the internet is getting increases in the Pakistan because the user of the internet gets increase day by day. In 1995, the price of the two-mega bits internet services was 85 thousand dollars, which has decreased now and remains 2 thousand dollars. Therefore, it is accessible for all ISP companies now for spreading their internet services.

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