Windows 7 – How to increase the RAM of the computer or laptop by using a flash disk

2.12.2013 Benjamin Gubler

The flash disk is a useful device because it does the multiple works and people get benefits. You can use USB flash disks for different purpose. Some people use flash disks for keeping their personal information or data. Some people use flash disks for keeping software or games. Some people use USB for keeping songs and films.

Nowadays even USB media players are available in the market, therefore you just need to put the songs on it by plugging in the computer or laptop and put speakers or headphones in the aux jack of the USB and start listening to music.

However, in this article you will find one more use of flash disks that shows you how to increase the system memory by using it as RAM on a laptop or desktop computer running Windows 7. Let's see how we can increase RAM by using this little device.

  1. Take any USB with a minimum amount of memory of 1GB and plug it into in the USB port of the computer or laptop.

  2. Then right click on that drive in Windows Explorer and select the option of property.

  3. When the properties windows opens you will see the “Ready boost”, check the “Use this device” option in “Ready Boost” Tab and below this option you can configure the amount of space that you want to use in increasing the RAM.

  4. Enter the amount, apply, and save the property.

  5. Now when you use your computer it will work faster than before, but the configuration of the computer will not show the increased amount of RAM.

This unique feature of increasing the RAM by using a flash disk is only available in Windows 7 or Windows 8. By using this technique, you do not need to purchase expensive RAM modules. However, this is suggested as a temporary solution to increase system performance.

For making your computer reliably faster, buying and installing additional RAM modules is a better solution.

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