Would You Like to Know How to Set Up an Online Business Using Article Marketing?

6.7.2013 Daniel Jaramillo
Articles that have recurrent words in them are now always detected by search engines and are never seen as informative articles by them, and lose worth all together.

So how can we be successful by implementing the ‘Article Marketing’ method? First of all we need to stay away from using the Back Hat method, as in get rid of the bombardment of keywords that are of the same color as the page and to refrain from using our articles as ways of repeating keywords and meaningless sentences.

Yes it’s true that the first of these, as in using the same color for letters and background, will bring you more visitors but this won’t last long as article sites won’t accept this and Google will detect it and  if they were to receive complaints they will send it to the “Sand Box”.

You should only use about 1-3 % keywords in your articles. So if there are to be 400 words in an article only about 4-6 of these should be keywords. If you follow this advice, you’ll see that the articles you have written will take their deserving places at the tops of results lists.

I have applied this logic countless times and witnessed its success.  Making an accessible website is vital to an online business. If we can’t do this then it’s possible to access target visitors through article sites that we’ve published our articles on.

Having a title that attracts attention but at the same time is relevant to content is one of them most important factors to this and plays a key role in whether or not people visit that page. If you make titles for your pages that are in the form of list sentences, demanding sentences or are in question form, it makes that page more probable to be viewed. For example: “The 5 steps to setting up a home business” or “Do you want to set up a home business?”  Better yet;”Start Up a Home Business!”. These types of titles are always more effective and I advise that you use them.

Before I finish off this article I would like to state the three important factors that you would have to keep in mind when you are writing articles.

1- Your title should be in close relevance to the subject matter, this will give you transparency and you will be appreciated for this/

2- Don’t forget to add your own links, or for the more comprehensive expression “Resource Box” at the end of every article.

3- If you are talented at it you should try to use a writing style that will intrigue people, and if  you should do this in a transparent and honest way, it will be the most proficient way to operate.

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