Yandex – The most popular search engine in Russia

10.3.2014 Daniel Jaramillo

Yandex is a Moscow, Russia based web search engine, founded in 1997 which offers a number of web services. Developing an wide array of internet services, the portal has around 60½ of the Russian market share. Considered the fourth largest search engine in the world, it is registers on average 60 million visitors a day, apart from 200 million searches registered a day. The portal not only offers services in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Many Russians consider to be their favorite portal, especially for emails, the search engine draws technology from various sources.

Yandex MatrixNet, is a search engine that doesn't simply highly rate a website just because it has number of visitors and such other considerations. It takes into account a number of other factors before ranking a particular website on its search engine results page.

Customizing the ranking is another specialty of Yandex. Which while fine-tuning a particular search like Music, it does not tamper with the rating of the site in dealing with specific types of questions. Being a real time search engine, Yandex has the ability to link the latest happenings related to search-subjects due to real-time indexing feature of its web crawler, called Orange.

If many of the people who search a film based on a specific literary work, the engine will throw up only listing about the film, and not the book.

Apart from searching the web, provided services include cloud based file storage, maps which follow Google Maps trend, even as Yandex Panorama allows you to have a panoramic view of city streets in Russian cities of Moscow, apart from cities in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. Like Google Translate, there is also has a Yandex Translate facility, which can accurately translate from Russian to English and other languages.

Using the Blink layout engine, Yandex has gained good popularity not only in Russia but in other neighboring countries as well. Yandex also offers Mobile apps, for emailing, maps, browsing and navigation.

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