You have not seen such a Hard Drive Disc

6.7.2013 Daniel Jaramillo

The hardware giant will make an evolution by doing an innovation that can’t be thought by anybody.  

The hard drives are one of the most important components of your computer. Our monster hard drives those were bought for higher prices make us smile with their capacities. Because hard drives have been expanding regularly for provide to requirements of people. Hard drives are generally enough to supply individual users but they can’t be supply big companies requirements. So they need to get infinite hard drives to storage their data.

The best answer came from Western Digital to today's demand for hard drive. The Firm wants to use helium instead hard drive that provides lower storage place though its higher energy consumption. The firm aims to get 23% less energy consumption and 40% more storage area. That will be available in 3.5-inch floppy disks full of helium contained in the new number plates issued from five to seven. Thanks to the low density of the gas used in the air, which is roughly equivalent to one seventh of the power consumption will be reduced greatly. It is also a known fixed floppy disks will work with four or five degrees cooler. In addition to all these great innovations more easily meet with the production of new helium will offer better performance for less than floppy disks.

For now, the new disks to the account will have an area of ??6.5 TB, as per gigabyte will cost less than fifty per cent of our money. There is no any explanation about its exact release time but seems it would not be before two years

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