We have all been expecting the new Nook to ship in May, but enough of that talk, Barnes & Noble let us know today that the (terribly named) Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is shipping ahead of schedule!

 1. Participation by doctors, nurses and people in-the-know is needed. 

Is it possible to get more for less? It’s a question that has riddled many a generation and one that is playing out in this one through our healthcare system. Healthcare reform is a hot topic these days and it has everyone how the medical sector can help treat patients for less money than the current preposterous rates. In these discussions, the term social media is thrown around a lot and everyone seems to have their own opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of it all.

Samsung, the leader of the Android pack, decided to roll out its Android 4.0 software updates starting with its flagship model, the Galaxy S2 and hardware manufacturer HTC decided to do the same just a day later. HTC announced in a blog post, that it will follow the four HTC Sensation upgrades in the not-too-distant future. They didn’t mention any time frames and no dates were given due to the fact that HTC is currently completely focused on Sensation devices. 

Now that Google’s $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility is set to be approved by federal regulators; speculation is being raised about what the Internet giant will do with its newly acquired assets and just exactly what those assets are. Once the deal is officially approved — an announcement could come next week, according to numerous reports — Google will be in possession of some 17,000 patents to do with mobile phone technology. This will give Google a great position in the mobile industry and can launch its hardware business, which could mean that consumers will soon see Google-brand phones and home systems and devices. 

If we were to step back and see this from another angle, phones and tablets have become like desktops and laptops. We will always expect new specs every passing year and maybe an occasional feature here and there will grab our attention with some novelty, like 3D or something, but we will no longer be amazed by them. (Maybe that’s the reasoning behind Apple’s “new iPad” tactic of being free of numerical code. We’re now in a stage of mild evolution where product numbers don’t matter as much.)

The new iPad is set to come out this Friday and has already been a disappointment to many fans with its specs sheet. 

It would be awesome simply because I have been researching Google's let-me-in affliction and as MG Siegler points out, the Cali based Internet behemoth will make hardware. 

BTjunkie.org, was a popular website that was founded in 2005, with the mission of indexing BitTorrent files for all kinds of legal an illegal content and it is now throwing in the towel. The site now reads“This is the end of the line my friends. The decision does not come easy, but we’ve decided to voluntarily shut down. We’ve been fighting for years for your right to communicate, but it’s time to move on. It’s been an experience of a lifetime, we wish you all the best!

Although the 3GS had a steep discount, a total of 100% in fact, the 4S outsold it five to one. The 4S also outsold the iPhone 4 – which is available on three of the four nationwide networks, unlike the 3GS – by 75 percent, according to NPD’S figures. This is why price couldn’t possibly be the biggest factor, it is merely the easiest to go to, since there were plenty of cheap iPhone options that customers could choose from. 

Apple’s iPhone may have edged out Android’s sales figures in the final quarter of 2011 in U.S. smartphone sales, but Google’s platform has one key advantage that will have it hit back hard in 2012: it is bringing more newbies into the Smartphone world.

The mid-range Android Smartphone, like the LG Enlighten, are close to $200 and under. These tend to be underpowered, so don't expect great performance with every app. However, they're fine for Web surfing, email and basic games and productivity tools.

Low end Android Smartphones may be cheap but they still give you a great Android experience. You can download thousands of apps, the Android Web Browser is known to deliver one of the best, richest mobile web browsing experiences out there and as many customization choices of any mobile platform, so either way you’ll be getting a good experience. High end or not, the power of Android in your grasp is nothing but thrilling and amazing. 

The mobile market is as vast as it ever was and it is a market that requires bravery and understanding to navigate. Buying an Android smartphone, for example, is a very complex thing to do; it’s harder than you would think. 

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