Lumia phones is planned to have a brand new home under the branch of Microsoft. The maker of software is planning to get rid of the Nokia and Windows Phone brands during these upcoming holidays and also it has now begun to move the website Nokia.com to Microsoft.com in as a way of preparing for this. A new site for Microsoft Mobile Devices is going to be launched today. Also there will be alterations made to the site Nokia.com that will motivate readers to go on the site of Microsoft. Microsoft seems like it will be moving each variant of country of the website Nokia.com in stages, although the UK version has moved today. This is the very latest in a sequence of many changes that will possibly see Microsoft finally let go of the Nokia brand all in all. This is a move that could possibly occur once the next set of Lumia phones have launched.

Linux nowadays supports alot of things in the world of technology, this is including the Roku and most importantly, Android -but still the existence of desktop Linux even to this day can be found in a quiet and calm dead end street where the order of command is still the UI which is opted. Intrinsically, users that operate such things as Ubuntu and Arch Linux have had more ready access to streaming content on their cellphones and TVs than they have on their computers. After a massive seven long years now, Netflix is at last and officially making its way to Linux.

An official API for custom Android Wear watches faces is being worked on by Google at the moment, this innovation will lallow developers to design their own looks. But this has not stopped some third-party faces in their tracks from appearing online. An example of this is the Star Trek themed one we called attention to in the month of July. There even so happens to be an Android app available in the Play Store for a mere 99 cents called Facer that is able to be used to design your very own watch faces or even install a face created by another person.

While Twitter was host to a multitude of news pieces, Facebook’s focus was geared towards the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – which did a good job of raising millions for finding the cure for ALS – and the news went absolutely viral on Facebook. Although this is good news for ALS sufferers it means unsuccessful news aggregation on the social front.

iOS 8 was just newly released and developers are bustling to roll out their latest apps and features that can fully utilize iOS 8’s new features so there’s still plenty new goodies to grace the App Store in the days and weeks to come. We’ve come up with a list of awesome apps that already make full use of iOS 8 and we advise you try them!

Android Wear is Google’s open software platform for its wearable technology and Microsoft is taking advantage of that. Microsoft released a new version of OneNote, one of their stellar programs for the Google smartwatch! The benefits of this software are that it makes it easier to relay text, save and synchronize voice-based notes.

A possible slow down in tablet sales

Distributed dbms could be the main alternative to rdbms

Types of databases following relational dbms

The mapping between the different schemas

The database schema that describes data

A dbms component that finds the quickest way to retrieve requested data

The languages used to perform operations on databases

The type of database used depends on their application

The basics of how organizational data and information is stored in information systems worldwide

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